Two New Winners in LFSCART Round 6!

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Two New Winners in LFSCART Round 6! Empty Two New Winners in LFSCART Round 6!

Post  dekojester on Sat Jul 11, 2009 8:58 pm

The LFSCART season visited Blackwood for the first time in its history on Saturday, July 11th. A small grid of eleven drivers attended, but action was exciting all throughout.

Kladias Gasiunas took pole for XFusion Racing for the twelve lap sprint race. He would spin on the formation lap and get hit by Storm Racing driver Niko Puntola. He would be allowed to regain his pole position due to system requirements for the standing start, and would do well considering the damage sustained. The Sprint Race would have some excellent battles between the top drivers, and a late-race Safety Car session for the rolled car of Jack Sedgwick set up an exciting three lap sprint. XFusion Driver Ondrej Maska would spin on the restart after contact from another car, dropping him to last of the cars running, but he worked his way up to fifth by the time the checkers were out. Jack McIntyre of CoRe Racing would take his maiden LFSCART victory in this race.

The 49-lap Feature race with a rolling start started with four cars going four wide across the line at the green flag. Niko Puntola would arrive to an early lead, before being overtaken on the end of the long back straight by Jarl Teien. Teien would spin a few laps later, allowing Jack Sedgwick to take the lead after starting last on the field. More exciting action between Ondrej Maska and Jack McIntyre ensued for the next ten laps, before Maska got around McIntyre. Jack Sedgwick forfeited the lead when he made his compulsory pit stop at the fourteenth lap. Maska was untouchable for the rest of the race, running over 90 percent of the race before making his pit stop.

The battle for who would be on the podium went right down to the wire. Zdenek Cagas would engage in an exciting scrap with Jack Sedgwick for the final lap, before overtaking him at the end of the long backstretch. Sedgwick would spin on power application exiting that turn, and would drop him to 5th. Maska won, McIntyre came in second, and Zdenek Cagas arrived third, with his best career finish.


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Two New Winners in LFSCART Round 6! Empty Re: Two New Winners in LFSCART Round 6!

Post  Falke on Fri Aug 14, 2009 9:42 am

cool article

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